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From Design to Reality

Each of LFI's forged wheels is carefully designed and curated by our design team based in Singapore to achieve a balance of performance, aesthetics and durability. LFI bespoke forged wheels offer a customized combination of offsets, widths and fitment, catering the unique demand of each customer's taste and style with uncompromising performance.

Finite Element Analysis(FEA)

Extreme temperature forged 6061 T6 Aluminum bloc has a tensile strength of approximately 310MPA at room temperature, the Finite Element Analysis is a industrial standard simulation of stress analysis to verify that under high-load, LFI wheels are able to withstand such pressure with plenty to spare.

Precision Manufacturing

Using the highest quality CNC mills in both 3 and 5 Axis form factor, LFI is able to achieve extremely tight tolerances, minimizing any circumferential unevenness and surface defects. The capability of highly advanced 5-axis CNC milling techniques enables LFI to perform deep pocketing and beam structuring on the spokes, leading to ultra lightweight designs. Our production facility is equipped over 40 sets of CNC mills to ensure fast and uninterrupted production.

Breaking Boundries

LFI's extreme lightweight wheels combine intricate techniques in designing and fabrication. The Competition Series undergoes extensive optimization in its structure, making it one of the most advanced and lightest wheel design in the industry, while maintaining a minimum 690kg weight loading.

Quality Process

LFI forged wheels are subjected to stringent QC testing. It is pass only if it falls below 0.4mm in runout test. However, we are more proactively testing runouts to within 0.2mm to ensure no wheel vibration at high speeds.

LFI's production facility has been TUV certified for ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality management system since 2014. In addition, we are actively working with TUV sud on testing each of LFI's proprietary wheel models in various sizing and fitments to qualify for JWL certification. With the first test result coming out in May, we will continue to see full range of LFI's wheels certified to JWL standards.

Meticulous Finishing

Each of raw CNC aluminum surface needs to undergo many iteration of deburring, filing, buffing and polishing before it is ready for coating. A collection of tools allow our craftsmen to file and sculpt each section and angle to perfection, every edge receives the attention of a few hands before it is prepped for final coating.

LFI offers up to 50 different combinations of finishing and coloring, including specialty finishes such as brushed, high polished and metallic anodizing.