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This guide covers the following brand products: LFI Forged Wheels. For other brands, contact for warranty and servicing.

  • What is covered by this limited warranty?
        • This limited warranty covers defects in structural integrity in the products.
        • This Warranty is non-transferable.
        • This Warranty is valid for LIFETIME for LFI forged wheels, except for the Competition Series where the Warranty is valid for 2 years upon purchase.
          • What is not covered by this limited warranty?

          This limited warranty does not cover:

          1)    Refinishing LFI Forged wheels. Repairs done by anyone other than LFI that involve any of these processes will VOID your warranty and may undermine the structural integrity of the wheels, causing a safety hazard that may result in injury or death:
          a)    Refinishing
          b)    Heating
          c)    Bending
          d)    Cutting
          e)    Welding
          2)    Off-road racing, or unpaved road driving conditions or road hazards; for example, gravel, road debris, scrap metal, tire remnants, trash and other road clutter.
          3)    The failure to properly use the tires which are mounted on the LFI wheels; for example, improper inflation of tires, loading the vehicle beyond its capacity, misalignment of tires and wheels, imbalance of tires and wheels and/or the use of incorrect tires and wheels.
          4)    Any kind of impact or abuse resulting from bends/bending of rim parts, collision/impacts, pot holes, flat tires, curbing, racing, accident, fire, vandalism or rubbing due to projection from the wheel well.
          5)    Chipping, scratching of paint finishing, Centre Cap, lug bolts/nuts
          6)    Exposure to road salt or other hazardous chemicals used on roadways during inclement weather.
          7)    The application to LFI wheels of any type of clip-on weights or other accessories.  USE TAPE-ON WEIGHTS ONLY.
          8)    Any damage or failure which occurs as a result of your continued use of LFI products after your discovery of a problem.
          9)    Wheels damaged in transit or by misuse, accident or negligence, or that have been repaired or altered by anyone other than LFI Wheels.
                  • How to claim warranty
                    Email to request RMA, we will respond with return instructions. After you receive your RMA instructions, you must
                        • Return the product to us in a safe and well protected packaging to avoid further damage in transit.
                        • Include warranty card, proof of purchase, note on defect issue (if any) and only the defective item.
                          • How will the repaired product be returned to me?

                          The repaired product will be shipped back via door-to-door surface shipment with a declaration of its original price. If you wish a lower declaration value, please let us know. Moreover, if you wish to have other shipping methods such as FedEx, customers need to top-up the shipping differences between the FedEx shipping.

                          • Where should I return the product to?

                          Please return your defective product to:

                          La Forge Industries
                          #04-24B, One Commonwealth,
                          1 Commonwealth Lane,
                          Singapore 149544
                          Attn: RMA Department
                          Tel: +6587315476